Noise [Org]

Noise [Org] is a true experiment of music and live performance/production. The band infuses rock with dub, drum and bass, trip hop, experimental and beyond all the while using true instrumentation and basking in a retina blinding light show. The use of the latest technology allows the band to write music with no limits on creativity.

The band has performed at Trinumeral Music Festival, DexFest Music Festival, and has performed at variety of other shows. From opening for The Disco Biscuits, Pnuma Trio, Telepath, and BreakScience, to touring with Big Gigantic for a slew of shows, to throwing down at Official STS9 Afterparties, this young band is poised to hit your soul with melody. From the melody, comes love and inspiration. Winter2011isinfulleffect..

Members Include:

Bobby McAlister – Keys, Production
Kyle Holly- Drums, Production
David Wright- Guitar
Trey Wright- Bass, Production